FAQ - Questions fréquentes

  • Mon mot de passe n'est pas reconnu

    Chez Quantum Way, vous avez deux comptes:
    - Le compte client où pouvez visualiser vos derniers achats, consultez vos factures, vos téléchargements (fichiers audio / e-book), le solde de votre carte cadeau si vous en avez une…
    - La plateforme de streaming qui héberge tous les programmes et cours contenant des vidéos et tous les replays des congrès et sommets.

    Vous devez créer un mot de passe (le même de préférence) pour les deux comptes. Cliquez sur "Mot de passe oublié" ci dessus.

  • I don't understand French and everything is in French

    You can change the language of the streaming platform once you are logged in.
    To do so :
    - Log in : enter email (Adresse e-mail) and password (Mot de passe) above
    - Click on your profile
    - Then click on "Mon Compte"
    - Select your time zone ("Fuseau horaire") and click your language("Langue du site") by clicking on the small arrow on the right.
    - Click on"Enregistrer les modifications" (Save Changes) and return to the dashboard by clicking on "My Dashboard" or on the three dashes at the top right of your screen.

  • My password is not recognised

    At Quantum Way, you have two accounts:
    - The client account where you can view your latest purchases, consult your invoices, your downloads (audio files / e-book), your gift card balance if you have one...
    - The streaming platform which hosts all programmes and courses containing videos and all replays of conferences and summits.

    You must create a password (preferably the same one) for both accounts. Click on "Mot de passe oublié" (Forgot password) above.
    Follow the procedure indicated in the e-mail you’ll receive. In this email, click on « Cliquez ici pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe » which means “Click here to reset your password”.